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Character Name: Herb Montgomery

Source Canon: Scales of Balance (OC)

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Notes: Most of the canon had been described in Werter Wolf’s application, so this application is mostly only about the character Herb Montgomery. And just a note upfront, english is not my first language and this would be my first time involvement in any Live Journal RP, just in case those are put into consideration.

Background: Despite having their share of problems as with the rest of the world, the British Isles were relatively safe from destruction compared to the United States and Japan. It’s not surprising that in the following post-impact rebuilding years, a lot of british’ construction companies rose to be successfull corporations.

Montgomery Constructions is one of them. And twenty years ago, in the Montgomery Family, Herb Montgomery was born.

Herb is the second son of Robert Montgomery, the owner and CEO of Montgomery Constructions. The two brothers were groomed from their birth to be a proper high class English businessmen, tutored in private in all kind of lessons, arts, manners, and physical sports. Herb grew to idolize his brother, holding him to be his target and wanting to surpass him in every manner.

But one day, when his brother finally reached adult age and appointed as the heir of Montgomery Industries in an elaborate party, he realized something. That no matter how hard he tries, he’ll just be considered as the second son of Robert Montgomery. So that night, without saying anything, without bringing anything except the clothing he’s wearing, he ran away.

Since then he’s been travelling all over the world, going wherever his heart leads him to, doing whatever his heart says. And one day as he moves through trash heap in China, he found an strange-looking tiny robot…

Personality: Saying that Herb is a loose cannon is like saying diamond is hard. It’s almost like he snapped after finally realizing what a lie his previous life was. Herb became a travelling whirlwind of energy, people can almost see him crackling with excitement all the time. He travels wherever he feels like, doing whatever his heart tells him to, and like it or not, people near him will be caught in his field of crackling excitement. He decides early in his journey that life is to be enjoyed at the present, and have discarded all sign of hindsight or foresight. If at one point he thinks doing something would be awesome or fun, he’ll do it. Herb is simple minded, and it’s exactly what he wants himself to be. His only apparent goal in life is to try as many things as possible, which leads to his other nature.

Herb is incredibly competitive, especially in physical activities. This part hasn’t changed at all from his life at the Montgomery Mansion. If he finds something that he enjoys, he’ll want to do it better than anyone else. Since his interests are very wide, you can see the problem with this.

Herb is also very self-reliant. He’s prideful, and often rejects help. He will prefer to sleep in a tent and city parks and fish for food rather than accepting free lodgings or lunch.

And he doesn’t think himself either good or evil. If he finds someone beaten up by a gang, more often than not he’ll move to help the beaten up. But that’s not because he finds beating people up against his morality, it will be because at that point he thinks fighting as the underdog is interesting.

Capabilities and Resources: Herb is rugged and experienced from his travels all around the world. He got seemingly unending stamina, and is an experienced street brawler, although it won’t be that hard for someone with actual martial art experience to find blind spots on his wild fighting style. He also juggles fairly well, and can play a lot of musical instrument, those are how he funds his journey, besides selling random junks.

He has no resources though, since he’s basically a travelling hobo artist. He seems to collect a lot of junks from his travels though.

Herb also can understand what Epimetheus is trying to communicate when in sleep mode with 100% accuracy, rather than having to guess. It's not much, but at least it's something.

Robot Name: Epimetheus

Robot Description: Epimetheus is Prometheus’ twin brother, with supposedly exact same specification and powers, only with their same coloring as their primary difference. Where Prometheus is white, Epimetheus is black.

Basically, Epimetheus is a super robot, with powerful weapons and attacks, and nearly unlimited energy. But rather than a giant tanky robot, Epimetheus is an agile dodgy striker, with rather thin armor. He stands about 25 meters tall, slightly larger than a gundam, and wields a chainsword as its primary weapon. He's controlled by a combination of intuitive joysticks and a special helmet that connects the pilot directly to the robot. Only Epimetheus' chosen can pilot him though.

Up to that point, Epimetheus might not be that different compared to a lot of other robots. What makes Epimetheus and Prometheus special are their plasma generator. Controlling this plasma generator needs a lot of willpower and imagination and a special kind of mind. It creates and enables its pilot to wield, shape, and control powerful, semi-solid green plasma as they wish.

Even though Ephimetheus is supposed to have the exact same power as Prometheus, they’re wildly different in real combat, which can be attributed to the differences in how their pilots use them. Herb is a simple man, so he mostly uses the raw power of Ephimetheus’ plasma generator. What he lacks in imagination, Herb covers it with the raw power of his will. He might not be able to build creative constructs like Werther, but his hard-headedness translates to a bigger and stronger plasma field. He mainly uses the plasma to directly complements his attacks and movements, using it to increase his attack range, as a platform to jump higher, or as a malleable shield, and so on.

When not in combat, Epimetheus enters sleep mode. In sleep mode, it shrinks into a one-foot tall robot with rather pudgy appearance. Nobody knows where does it extra mass disappear. Like his brother, Epimetheus is able to move on its own in sleep mode, though he can't talk. But rather than a curious energetic prankster like his brother, in his sleep mode Ephimetheus is a serious, brooding deadpan snarker although, it’s not like anyone besides Herb can hear his snarks. At least people can often see him facepalming though. Epimetheus' plasma generator turns into a steam engine in sleep mode for some reason, and he must drink water for sustenance. Epimetheus slowly regenerates in sleep mode, and it's the only way to repair him as far as anybody knows.

Terrain Stats:

Land: A (S at full power)
Air: - (A at full power)
Sea: B (A at full power)
Space: B (A at full power)

Upgrades: Epimetheus can be used more effectively the more Herb realizes the potential of what he can do with the plasma generator.

Job: Travelling Hobo Artist

Suggested Event List: As Werter’s events.

Sample Post: http://testrun-box.livejournal.com/238861.html


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